UTSA Athletics Compliance Office

Mission Statement
The UTSA Athletics Compliance Office is committed to creating and fostering an atmosphere of compliance throughout the UTSA community. Operating with integrity and accountability, the Athletics Compliance Office will educate, monitor and promote all aspects of rules compliance in accordance with NCAA, Conference USA and UTSA rules and regulations.

Rules & Regulations
Effective institutional management and integrity in intercollegiate athletics through compliance with, and enforcement of, the rules and regulations of the University of Texas System, the NCAA, Conference USA and the standards of fair play and appropriate conduct for student-athletes and institutional representatives.

Amateur Sportsmanship
The call to honesty, integrity, commitment, hard work and social responsibility resounds from the Department's administrators, coaches and student-athletes. Through participation in athletics, student-athletes are provided opportunities to develop essential life skills in leadership, teamwork, discipline, goal setting, respect for self and respect for others, as demonstrated both on and off the field of play.
UTSA's Commitment To Rules Compliance
University of Texas at San Antonio has made the commitment to operate and support a Division I athletics program. Along with this commitment is the pledge that the program is administered and operated with the highest level of integrity, respect and regard for all rules and regulations that govern its operation. It is every coach and staff member's responsibility to operate his/her program in full compliance with all NCAA, Conference USA and Institutional rules and regulations. Ignorance of these regulations cannot be used as an excuse for failure to comply.

Coaches and staff members have an affirmative duty to the following: Knowledge of all NCAA and Conference USA (if applicable) regulations and policies including but not limited to, recruiting, eligibility, amateur status and sporting behavior, as well as all rules interpretations, observance of all NCAA and conference (if applicable) regulations and UTSA policies. Self-reporting of all known or potential violations to UTSA's NCAA Compliance Office or the Athletics Director Lisa Campos. Full cooperation with NCAA, conference (if applicable) and UTSA in all investigations and provision of any of these entities with truthful and complete information concerning involvement in or knowledge of any violation of NCAA, conference (if applicable) and regulations.

As a member of the NCAA, the University of Texas at San Antonio is accountable for the actions of its boosters and fans. Even the best-intentioned action on a fan's part may be a violation of NCAA rules. Please contact the UTSA Athletics Compliance Office if you have any questions concerning what is permissible.