UTSA Athletics Compliance Office - Boosters

Compliance brochure (.pdf) 

As a member of the NCAA, the University of Texas at San Antonio is accountable for the actions of its boosters and fans. Even the best-intentioned action on a fan’s part may be a violation of NCAA rules. Please contact the UTSA Athletics Compliance Office if you have any questions concerning what is permissible.

What is a booster?
“representative of UTSA’s athletics interests,” or “booster,” is anyone who:

  • Has ever participated in or is currently a member of the various athletic department support groups.
  • Has purchased season tickets.
  • Has made a donation to the athletics program.
  • Has helped arrange summer and/or vacation employment for student athletes.
  • Has been involved, in anyway, in the promotion of UTSA’s athletics program.

A booster may:

  • Attend as many athletic contests as you desire to evaluate talent
  • Call, write, or send newspaper articles to the UTSA Athletics coaching staff regarding outstanding student-athletes in his/her area
  • Feel free to offer assistance to members of the UTSA coaching staff who are recruiting in his/her community
  • Employ a prospect, but not until they come to UTSA as a full time student

A booster may not:

  • Contact the coach, the prospect or family members, the principal, or counselor in an attempt to evaluate a prospect
  • Visit the prospect's school to pick up transcripts or videotapes/film pertaining to the evaluation of the prospect's academic or athletic ability
  • Entertain a family, guardian, or parent of a prospect of campus
  • Contact a prospect, their guardian or parent on an official or unofficial visit to campus
  • Entertain high school, prep, or junior college coaches at any location

This is not an exhaustive list, so please ask before you act.


Extra benefits
Prospective and current student-athletes may not receive extra benefits. An extra benefit is any special arrangement by an institutional employee or representative of the institution’s athletic interests to provide a student-athlete or his/her family a benefit not authorized by NCAA legislation.  Extra benefits would include, but are not limited to:

  • An employment arrangement for a prospect’s relatives.
  • Gifts of clothing or equipment.
  • Cosigning of loans.
  • Providing loans to a prospect’s relatives or friends.
  • Cash or like items.
  • Use of an automobile.
  • Any tangible items, including merchandise.
  • Free or reduced-cost services, rentals or purchases of any type.
  • Free or reduced-cost housing.
  • Use of a college’s athletics equipment.
  • Sponsorship of or arrangement for an award banquet for high school, prep school or two-year college athletes by a college, athletics representative or its alumni groups.
  • Employment of a student-athlete at a rate higher than the wages paid for similar work.
  • Payment to a student-athlete for work not performed.