UTSA student-athletes achieve successful fall semester in classroom

SAN ANTONIO — Final grade reports are in for the Fall 2023 semester and UTSA student-athletes registered another successful term in the classroom.

UTSA recorded an average team GPA of 3.14 for the fall semester and now boasts an average team GPA of 3.24.

Of 373 student-athletes enrolled, 60% currently maintain a 3.0-or-greater GPA and 60.1% achieved at least a 3.0 GPA for the Fall 2023 semester, including 34 who logged a perfect 4.0 semester GPA.

Additionally, 38.3% of the student-athletes were named to the UTSA President’s List (4.0 GPA), Dean’s List (3.75-3.99 GPA) or Honor Roll (3.5-3.74 GPA) for the fall semester.

A total of 11 teams achieved a 3.0-or-greater GPA for the semester and 13 teams currently maintain a 3.0 or greater GPA.

"Our student-athletes have consistently shown a commitment to excellence, not only in their chosen sport, but in the classroom," said Lisa Campos, UTSA Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics. "To have more than 60 percent of our student-athletes earn a 3.0 GPA or better and to have more than a third on the President's List, Dean's List or Honor Roll is a great accomplishment. It is a credit to the hard work of our student-athletes, coaches and academic services staff."

UTSA Academic Highlights
• The average team UTSA GPA is a 3.24.
• The average team semester GPA was a 3.14.
• 60% of student-athletes maintain a 3.0 or greater UTSA GPA.
• 60.1% of student-athletes achieved a 3.0 or greater semester GPA.
• 38.3% of student-athletes received UTSA academic honors (Honor Roll, Dean’s List, President’s List).
• 34 student-athletes earned a 4.0 semester GPA.
• 11 teams achieved a 3.0 or greater semester GPA.
• 13 teams maintain a 3.0 or greater UTSA GPA.