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The Final Quarter

Terrell Haynes reflects on leaving a mark at UTSA

By Amber Sutherland, UTSA Athletics Communications

Terrell Haynes has established himself as one of the most experienced offensive linemen to ever suit up for the UTSA football program. Coming off his 40th career start in last Saturday’s win over Rice, he reflected on his journey from a standout at Arlington Seguin High School to a veteran at the collegiate level, leaving a lasting mark on the Roadrunners.

“I've been running and playing football since high school,” shared Haynes. “My first time playing football was my freshman year of high school. Before that, it was basketball and baseball. But when I moved to Texas, I was able to play better football.”

The decision to transition to football wasn't merely about the game itself but the experience it offered Haynes, who is originally from San Diego, California.

“You can kind of feel like a gladiator in that moment,” he explained. “You know, you get cheered on for violent reactions and performance, and that kind of thing excited me.”

UTSA became a second home for Haynes. The prospect of playing in the Alamodome and being part of a young program where he could leave a legacy was a major draw.

“It gives me a sense of pride. I mean, you know, I came here to make an impact. So, me being able to have these starts, I'm proud of that.”

Despite not being able to wear the single-digit jersey due to his position, being voted into that honor by his teammates is a testament to the respect and admiration Haynes commands in the UTSA locker room.

“It was an honor to know that the guys I go to battle with every day think that highly of me, that they want me to represent the program in that manner.”

It’s impossible to overlook all that UTSA has accomplished – specifically winning two conference championships – in reflecting on the favorite moments of his time at UTSA.

“That's definitely my highlight, because I didn't win much in high school,” Haynes said. “So being able to come here and be a part of the process of guys going to work every day with a set goal in mind, that was very special.”

Haynes’ leadership on the team is evident, and he shares insight into the crucial skills needed.

“I feel like the main leadership skill needed for our team is to be poised and having a voice, and you know rallying your guys.”

As the season continues to unfold with postseason aspirations on the horizon, Haynes looks forward to seeing how far the team can go, coming in with high expectations for his last year in the Alamodome. For younger players entering the game, his advice is practical and rooted in experience.

“Everybody in that room has your back. Don't be afraid to communicate or mess up because we're all family and we'll have each other's back at the end of the day.”

And for aspiring football players in high school or middle school who are weighing their options toward the future, Haynes points to the universality of sports.

“All sports can be translated back into some position in football. So, play as many sports as you can, and take coaching from as many sports as you can, because you never know when that sport or its influence will relate to football.”

As the curtain draws on Haynes' collegiate career, he looks forward to a seeing the field from a different angle, watching the games as a spectator.

“Coming to watch the games and just see where the young guys go and how far they'll take their team, that'll be exciting for me to see.”

For years to come in the UTSA program, the name Terrell Haynes, a name will be synonymous with dedication, leadership and a passion for the game. He’ll leave behind a legacy that transcends the field, impacting not only the UTSA football program but the lives of those he shared the journey with.