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Thank you for your interest in the University of Texas at San Antonio's licensing program. It is our intention that this website serves as a resource for those seeking additional information on becoming a licensee, as well as a way for UTSA fans to communicate with us. In addition to providing protection to our brand, it is our goal to continue to increase the availability of UTSA-branded merchandise not only in San Antonio, but throughout the state of Texas and the United States. Thank you for your support.

UTSA Brand Identity Guide
Athletics Marks Art Sheet
UTSA Licensing Website


The University of Texas at San Antonio has a partnership with CLC to assist the University in protecting its trademarks and increasing brand exposure. CLC is a leader in the collegiate licensing industry and represents nearly 200 universities, conferences and bowl games across the United States. For more information, please visit their website at Please contact our Brand, Trademarks & Licensing Manager, Kimberly Spino or Brand Management Representative, Payton Adams for more information on our program.

Kimberly Spino
The University of Texas System
Phone: 512-232-3550

Payton Adams
CLC Brand Manager
Phone: 972-978-8756

Become a UTSA Licensee 

The University and CLC strive to make obtaining a license to produce UTSA products easy, but take seriously the responsibility of protecting the valuable UTSA trademarks and ensuring that the products bearing those marks are of the highest quality. Any vendor who wishes to obtain a license to produce UTSA merchandise must submit a license application. To download an application for licensing, click here.

Use a Licensed Vendor 

Choose a vendor from the following list of approved vendors. Work with this vendor to choose the product you're looking for, develop a design concept and determine the proper logo to use. All licensed vendors have access to the UTSA accepted logos available for use. Do not use the vendor if they are not approved. For a complete vendor list, click here. (Directions: Search "San Antonio", Click "View", Open PDF)
Contact Information

Charles Davis
UTSA Assistant Athletics Director for Creative Services
Phone: 210-458-7865

Brett Calvert
UTSA Executive Director of Marketing
Phone: 210-458-6160