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Alamodome Parking/ Tailgating Information

Call or text (210) 458-8872 to speak directly to a ticket sales representative.

New Season Tickets

  • Are you interested in becoming a UTSA football season ticket holder? Our season ticket packages start as low as $90!


How to Purchase for UTSA Football Games

  • In order to purchase a parking pass UTSA football games at the Alamodome this fall, fans must be a donor to the Roadrunner Athletic Fund and season ticket holder.
  • In addition to being a season ticket holder, fans must make a donation and request parking no later than April 5, to be considered for the initial allocation.
  • The cost is $150 per parking pass.
  • Requests will be filled in order of Loyalty Points after this date (click here for details on Loyalty Points).
  • Both new and returning season ticket holders need to request parking in this manner.
  • Payment for the parking pass(es) is not required until after the allocation and will be charged to the credit card used to purchase season tickets in May.
  • Please make your request online when you pay your invoice, send in a parking request form or call the ticket office with your request at (210) 458-8872.

How Many Parking Passes Can I Purchase?

  • Below is a chart with the maximum number of parking passes allowed.
Current Year
Donation/Per Seat
Maximum Parking
Passes Allowed
$150–$299 1
$300–$499 2
$500–$999 3
$1,000–$2,499 4
$2,500–$4,999 5
$5,000–$9,999 6
$10,000+ 6
  • UTSA offers the option to request parking at the Institute of Texan Cultures (ITC), which is directly across the highway from Lot A.  Tailgating is not permitted at the ITC, so if you would like to park away from any tailgaters please request an ITC pass. 

  • If you wish to purchase an RV parking pass, you may do so in lieu of purchasing a regular parking pass.
  • RV sport are numbered and reserved in Lot B of the Alamodome.
  • The cost is $390 per pass.
  • There are only 21 RV spaces available.
  • If you need accommodations for ADA parking, please note during time of the parking pass request.
  • Limited ADA parking spots will be available in Lot A on UTSA football game days and additional spots will be available as this is the most accessible lot for the handicap Alamodome entrance.
  • Limited ADA parking spots are available in Lot A on a first-come, first-served basis. By state law, veterans with Disabled Veteran plates that do NOT have a valid state-issued disability placard are not permitted to park in ADA accessible spaces. The Disabled Veteran and ADA state-issued accessibility placard are two separate designations.
  • The deadline to request parking and donate to the Roadrunner Athletic Fund for the 2024 season is April 5.

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the loss of tailgating privileges and ejection from the parking lot. All vehicles entering the Alamodome parking lots are subject to a security/safety inspection before being allowed to park.

Alamodome Parking Lots will open 6.5 hours prior to the beginning of the game and remain open one hour after game ends. Each space occupied for parking/tailgating must have a permit.

Please note:

  • Tailgaters must follow all TABC rules and regulations, City of San Antonio Food Permit requirements, and other applicable state and local laws.
  • The Alamodome’s Concessionaire, SAVOR, holds the sole TABC License for the property.
  • Sales, including the acceptance of payment, gratuities, or donations of any kind, for the receipt of services/products (not limited to) food, beverages, promotions, marketing, branding, etc., without the prior written consent of the Alamodome and event client, is prohibited.

The following is a list of regulations set by Alamodome officials:

  1. All guests must follow the directions and instructions provided by Alamodome personnel (parking staff, security, police, etc.).
  2. Tailgating is defined as the placement of any item on the ground (chairs, canopies, coolers, grills, games, etc.).
  3.  Each space occupied for tailgating must have a permit.
  4.  Each vehicle shall occupy no more than one parking space per permit, except as provided below for RV’s, buses and oversize vehicles. Tailgating is restricted to that parking space only.
  5. RVs, buses, and oversize vehicles will be required to purchase a parking permit for each occupied space.
  6.  Traffic aisles and other parking spaces must be kept free of tailgating equipment to allow for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
  7. Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis. Saving or reserving spots is not allowed. If you would like to tailgate near friends, please arrive together. Guests wishing to tailgate using 2 or more parking spaces and want them to be contiguous should arrive early.
  8. For safety, patrons may not stand, sit, or congregate on the tops of vehicles, busses, RV’s or other structures.
  9.  All TABC rules and regulations must be followed. Alcoholic beverages are only permitted for persons age 21 and older.
  10. Glass containers are not permitted.
  11. Grills with charcoal, wood and propane are permitted. Fires built on the ground or in open fire pits are prohibited.
  12. All cooking equipment shall be situated away from crowds, vehicles and combustible materials. A minimum clearance distance of 3 feet is required.
  13. LP-gas cooking appliances shall be UL listed and approved for use. LP-gas cylinders shall be secured in an upright position to keep from falling and positioned to prevent impact from vehicle traffic. Portable generators are not to be filled while running and fuel must be in a UL listed safety can (2 gal. max). Portable generators and fuel must be stored away from cooking appliances.
  14. Generators that create excessive noise or harmful fumes are prohibited (as determined by Alamodome staff.)
  15. A fire extinguisher must accompany each group using a cooking appliance and a person knowledgeable in it's operation must constantly monitor cooking appliances when hot.
  16. Coals must be disposed of in the designated coal containers located throughout the lots. Do not dump coals or store stoves on the grass, parking areas, under or around vehicles.
  17. Dispose of trash in the designated receptacles.
  18. Tailgaters must ensure that tents and canopies are anchored appropriately by utilizing sandbags, water barrels, or weights. (Unanchored tents/canopies can easily be blown over and present a safety hazard and/or may cause damage to property.) DO NOT anchor by placing stakes.
  19. Tents over 1,200 Sq. ft. will require Alamodome approval and a Certificate of Occupancy.
  20. Pets, with the exception of service animals, are not permitted.
  21. Food or beverages are not allowed to be taken into the Alamodome.
  22. Children must be supervised at all times and may not play in the traffic areas.
  23. In order to ensure the safety of our patrons, golf carts, Segways, motorized coolers, all other types of motorized recreational vehicles, skateboards, bicycles, or large balloons will not be allowed for use by patrons in the parking lots.
  24. Portable toilets are located in all lots.
  25. All tents, chairs, etc. must be put away before entering the Alamodome.
  26. Parking lots will be patrolled. All violations are subject to ticketing and removal from the premises.

The following items/activities are prohibited:

  1. Deep fryers or any oil-based cooking or frying
  2. Open flame fires of any kind.
  3. Disorderly conduct, including public intoxication.
  4. Picketing, political campaigning or soliciting/distribution of any kind.
  5. Saving of parking or tailgating spaces.
  6. Weapons and fireworks.
  7. The solicitation, selling or marketing of any foods, beverages, sports paraphernalia, or other merchandise.
  8.  Amplified sound systems or the use of radios/audio devices at loud levels.