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Fortune Teller: The crystal ball that led Nicktroy to UTSA

By Amber Sutherland, UTSA Athletics Communications

Nicktroy Fortune joined the UTSA locker room last year after three seasons at West Virginia. He felt that UTSA offered the perfect environment where he could thrive, both personally and athletically. Moreover, the high-caliber coaching staff at UTSA has proven a pivotal factor in his growth as an athlete.

However, it wasn't just football that Fortune found at UTSA. He also discovered a deeper connection to his faith, drawing inspiration and support from the campus and community.

Fortune's passion for football ignited at a young age.

“My pops would be in the living room watching football and I would be in there with him, so at a young age I found interest in it,” Fortune reflected. “I saw how fun it could be. Once I started watching football, I was obsessed, so when I could finally play it organized, I chose football and never looked back.”

During Fortune’s first year at UTSA, he earned honorable mention All-Conference USA at cornerback. He started all 14 contests in his first season with the Roadrunners, demonstrating his reliability and dedication to the team. The stats he produced were impressive, registering 41 total tackles, 28 solo stops, four tackles for loss, five pass breakups and a forced fumble – showcasing his multifaceted skills as a player.

For Fortune, the most cherished aspect of football is the camaraderie with his teammates.

“My favorite part of football is doing events with the team and just bonding with them, building relationships with the guys that will last forever,” Fortune noted.

The Roswell, Georgia, native’s journey at UTSA took another significant turn when he was awarded a single-digit jersey prior to the start of this season.

“It was a great experience, and I am definitely blessed to have it,” Fortune explained. “Here, having a single [digit] jersey means a lot. It means that they see you as one of the ‘guys’ of the team and they see you as a leader. I am so grateful to have it and to be able to represent UTSA this way.”

Putting leadership into action and not just words, Fortune emphasizes the importance of building trust and strong relationships with his peers. He believes that genuine care and support for his teammates are prerequisites for them to listen to his advice. He strives to be a good friend, both on and off the field, understanding that life extends beyond the game.

As Fortune continues his final season at UTSA, he looks forward to a potential career in professional football but remains open to divine guidance. He expresses his desire to give back by venturing into coaching, nurturing the younger generation and helping them become better athletes and individuals.

To those aspiring to leadership roles, Fortune offers sage advice: “Stay authentic, be true to oneself and spread love and positivity.”

He believes that a simple act of kindness can make a significant impact and lead to trustworthy leadership.

For the rest of the season, Fortune looks forward to creating more cherished memories with his teammates, practicing and striving for more victories with the team.

Fortune's journey at UTSA is a testament to the power of authenticity, leadership and unwavering faith. As he prepares to graduate and potentially embark on a professional football career, his legacy as a genuine and inspiring leader at UTSA will remain.